San Diego Center for Hyperbaric Therapy


To the wonderful staff of San Diego Center for Hyperbaric Therapy:

I am writing to express thanks to you and the hyperbaric chamber. My 7-year-old daughter was attempting to catch up with her friend while going downhill on a razor/skateboard.  She lost control and found herself skidding along the asphalt on the left side of her body, including her face.  Unfortunately, even though it was a firm rule, she wasn’t wearing her helmet and the damage to the side of her face and chest was extensive.  Although she did not require stitches, I was concerned about scarring on her face as well as her chest.  Since I had recently heard about hyperbaric therapy, I was hopeful that it could be the answer.  I’m so thankful to your wonderful staff and the gentle way they assisted her during her treatments.  She actually enjoyed being in the chamber, laying back and watching movies.  I was amazed at how quickly she healed just after a few sessions.  An interesting thing happened at my daughter’s school.  A teacher took one look at her injured face and told us that her injuries looked just like his son’s who had fallen three weeks prior.  We informed him that her accident took place less than one week before; we credited the hyperbaric therapy for her quick recovery.  It is now less than three months since her accident, and she has healed up perfectly.  There is almost no sign that she was ever injured.